The Software Craftsmanship (9 & 10)

This blog post will revolve around chapters 9 and 10.

Chapter 9 discusses on the topic about how to recruit the best developers. The author goes on and talk about the flaws that he sees with the recruitment process and gives us solutions on how we can better this process.

One of the main flaw with recruitment is that companies use keywords in order to select their candidates. Keywords on a resume has become the cream on the crop when it comes to the tech world. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 years of experience in a certain programming language, but more important if you have a million of those keywords that these screen readers pick up.

How does a recruiter know how passionate a developer is? It’s simple, you can ask a developer if he knows any of the latest technologies and trends, a github to display code and or projects that he or she is involved in.

Chapter 10 talks on the interview process of a software developer. There will always be problems and you as a interviewee candidate must display your best knowledge in order to solve and impress the recruiters.



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