Sprint 5 Reflection

Another sprint in the books, and this time, as a team, we all worked on one issue together. During this sprint, the main difficulty was finding the file that the issue was in. It took us a couple of days using many tactics to find the file. A teammate decided to go on Github to track down the problem by scouring through similar problems. We finally found the problem, but it was very outdated, and the file structure to find that file was no longer the same, but we had an idea of where to look in the current file directory. After hurdling this obstacle, we were faced with even more obstacles. The next obstacle consisted of finding out that the file our issue was in was not in the original OpenMRS source code. It was in the NPM install files that they tell us to run through the terminal. I believe that in order to hurdle this obstacle, we must contact the developers to see what they think.



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